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Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq Qiayuq - Territorial Animals, ca. 1980
Galerie Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq Qiayuq
Martha Apsaq - Footprints To Animals, ca. 1970's
Galerie Martha Apsaq
Irene Avaalaaqiaq - Inuk Surrounded by Wolves, 1978
Galerie Irene Avaalaaqiaq
Rita Aviliayuq Oosuaq - Fish Feet and Friends, ca. 1970's
Galerie Rita Aviliayuq Oosuaq
Normee Ekoomiak - Bird in Flight/Oiseau
Galerie Normee Ekoomiak
Elizabeth Enowyak - Beadwork Amauti Panel: Spring Flowers, 2009
Galerie Elizabeth Enowyak
Joy Hallauk - Giants Dancing, ca. 1970's
Galerie Joy Hallauk
Emily Halluqtalik - Owl, Mosquitos and Spirits, ca. 1970's
Galerie Emily Halluqtalik
Ruth Ikinilik Tapatai - Predators and Prey, 2012
Galerie Ruth Ikinilik Tapatai
Oqqi Inutiq - Nanuq Waits, ca. 1980
Galerie Oqqi Inutiq
Eleesapee Ishulutak - After The Beluga
Galerie Eleesapee Ishulutak
Naomi Ityi - Untitled/sans titre
Galerie Naomi Ityi
Jeannie Jayko - Crawling Shaman, 2006
Galerie Jeannie Jayko
Martha Jorah - Untitled, 1970's/sans titre, ca. 1975
Galerie Martha Jorah
Annie Kakianiut Okalik - Mosquitoes
Galerie Annie Kakianiut Okalik
Jessie Kenalogak - Abstracts, Faces and Figures, 2008
Galerie Jessie Kenalogak
Myra Kukiiyaut - Dancing with the Spirits, ca. 1980
Galerie Myra Kukiiyaut
Victoria Mamnguqsualuk - Owl & Prey
Galerie Victoria Mamnguqsualuk
Salome Nanauq - Swirling Heads and Seals, 1981
Galerie Salome Nanauq
Emily Nipisa'naaq Alerk - Spirits/esprits
Galerie Emily Nipisa'naaq Alerk
Annie Niviaxie - Untitled, 1970's/sans titre
Galerie Annie Niviaxie
Agnes Nulluq Iqqugaqtuq - Qiviut Work: Woman Fishing, 1983
Galerie Agnes Nulluq Iqqugaqtuq
Catherine Padlulak Ayaruak - Spirits and Animals, 1970's
Galerie Catherine Padlulak Ayaruak
Elizabeth Quinanagnaq Angrnagangrniq - Family with Dogs
Galerie Elizabeth Quinanagnaq Angrnagangrniq
Joy Suluk - Diptych: Couple in Beaded Clothing, 2010
Galerie Joy Suluk
Imelda Suvisa Kadlak - Monster Men and Nipping Dogs, ca. 1970's
Galerie Imelda Suvisa Kadlak
Annie Taipanak - Faces, Caribou and Wolves, 2010
Galerie Annie Taipanak
Susie Taipanak - Untitled/Sans titre
Galerie Susie Taipanak
Winnie Tatya - Untitled/sans titre
Galerie Winnie Tatya
 Unidentified - Camp Scene, 1970's
Galerie Unidentified
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